PV Panels

In November 2011, Appleby Town Council, embarked on a project to install solar PV panels on the roof on the Public Hall in Appleby in Westmorland, Cumbria.  The project was to install 18 panels which are capable of generating 3.924kWp.  It was estimated that it would generate 3,291kWh per year which would earn £1,425 in Feed in Tariff payments together with an additional £50 by exporting any excess power generated. It was anticipated that there would be a saving of approximately £227 per year on the electricity used by the Public Hall itself.  It was also estimated that the project would save 1790.30kg of CO2 per year. 


The project that was undertaken by ECO Environments Ltd and cost £10,420 was completed in March 2012.  Funding for the project was provided by a number of grants including: Cumbria County Council £3,000; Eden District Council £2,000; ScottishPower Green Energy Trust £1,500; and the Charity of Mrs Hannah Kennington £1,000.   With the remaining £2,920 provided by the Town Council from its own funds. 


In the first financial year of operation the PV Panels generated a total income of £1,717.  In the current financial year income to date (31st January 2014) is £1,492.